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Monday, May 4, 2015

Angel Sanchez 
tempera paint
I have learned through out the year and on this project that painting in lines or on a line is not as easy as it looks and can get very difficult and its very time consuming. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

-Angel S-

My eye isn't the same today because I have practiced and got better.

Apple with Glare
-Angel S-
This project has helped me threw out the year because it has such a realistic look to it.It also has the very nice shadow and galre that makes it look like the light is hitting it.

-Angel S-
This vace has been a really help for me in quarter 4 because it showed me that you must put effort in everything you do in order for something to have a good out come and that exactly what i did,I put all my effort and i am happy with the out come.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Artist Inspiration-Chris Brown

The artist that inspired me the most was artist Chris Brown.Chris Brown is todays top R&B artist and a very good dancer but he does not have just those 2 talents because he also does very creative art.
his art is very free and eye catching with the colors and with the way it is drawn and that is what i admire the most about it.It define to me how drawing/graffiti is today.you can check out his art in fine art auctions in miami.

Chris Brown New Street

Colorful new mural by Chris Brown spotted in Hollywood, off the corner of Beverly & Sweetzer.This drawing is very creative and eye catching for me because of its values and color.This is no person it is just one of chris drawing that was painted freestyle and by train of thought.

Chris Brown Best Buddies

Chris Brown shows off his graffiti skills in Miami. On Wednesday, Brown collaborated with Romero Britto on a large mural for the Best Buddies International Organization. The organization helps children with intellectual.Chris Brown not only draws for fun but we draws to help the people and kids in need all over the world.

Chris Brown Bear

This art work was also drawn in miami but it did not say when.The bear doesn't really have a meaning and doesn't symbol anything but it was a hand free drawing.Mostly all of chris's drawing are hand free drawing and are not traced.

Hello Kitty

This drawing was a over exaggerated drawing of hello kitty.Chris drew this in 2013 which was his early years of spray painting. Im not really into art that have something to say to much im more into art that is free.

Great art by a great artist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

my first post

This picture to me is really fun.It makes me want to go on a roller coaster because of all of the turns and all of the crazy ways.